Look South

By Dave South

iPhone 15 Pro Default Portrait Mode.

Set iPhone 15 Pro to “portrait” mode and took this picture. This is the default it delivered (no corrections).

Faking Depth with iPhone 15 Pro Camera

The iPhone 15 Pro simulates depth of field via a depth camera and advanced processing. Before the 15, I had to specifically set the camera to Portrait mode so it would capture depth data. Now, it automatically captures depth data whenever it recognizes a person, dog, or cat. This allows me to return to any picture of a person or our dog and add depth…later!

Here are a few tests of the same picture with changes to the depth of field. Note how the images are artificially deep but still look awfully close to the one I took with the Panasonic.

Of course, because there are no people in these shots, I had to manually set it to Portrait mode to get the depth data.